FF&E and OS&E Cost Benchmarking Guide Africa

Hotel Spec’s inaugural FF&E and OS&E Cost Benchmarking Guide Africa will no doubt be a useful tool for all (potential) owners and investors in the market.  Up to this point there has been scarce information from a trusted source that breaks down hotel cost data.  However, this report, filled with data taken from actual hotel projects, looks to provide the hotel investment community a standardised cost per key across the continental regions.

Providing this benchmark is a complex undertaking with so much variation of duties and taxes across the continent.  As the report states, “to assume the same treatment, procedures and tariffs across the continent would be a grave mistake.”  It has, therefore, taken into regional variations to provide an accurate comparison of costs for the West, East and Southern markets.  The report then takes a sample of 5 brand standards across each segment to provide the comparisons.

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